Why are Aries so ________

This post is inspired by a story I heard on NPR this morning. A woman was talking about a map project, of sorts, where the question was Googled of each state: “Why is Wisconsin (for ex.) so … ?” The questions that came up in Google’s auto-fill were, for example, “Why is Wisconsin so… stupid, dry, awesome, liberal, divided, humid.” She did this for each state and created a map of the US.

I don’t know if anyone has already done this,  but I thought it would be interesting, or at least amusing, to do the same with each sign of the zodiac. Here we go, let’s Google:

SignGoogle’s auto fill suggestions

Why are Aries somean, moody, jealous, stupid, stubborn, attractive, selfish, annoying, impatient

Why are Taurus so – mean, boring, stubborn, slow, moody, secretive, attractive

Why are Gemini so – mean, moody, stubborn, confusing, beautiful, difficult

Why are Cancer so – mean, emotional, quiet, moody, insecure, shy, funny, clingy, secretive

Why are Leo so – arrogant, emotional, attractive, lazy, angry, insecure, annoying

Why are Virgo so – mean, critical, shy, crazy, boring, smart, picky, weird, moody

Why are Libra so – charming, attractive, beautiful, indecisive, sensitive, fake, lazy, sensitive, jealous, mean

Why are Scorpio so – evil, mean, difficult, jealous, complicated, sensitive, deep, intense, cool, selfish

Why are Sagittarius so – mean, funny, lucky, insensitive, annoying, talented, emotional, crazy, smart

Why are Capricorn so - boring, cold, mean, shy, annoying, lonely, selfish, secretive, mysterious

Why are Aquarius so – weird, mean, cold, misunderstood, detached, smart, distant, beautiful

Why are Pisces somean, emotional, shy, sensitive, attractive, annoying, selfish, nice, stubborn, crazy

So what do we glean from this? Not much, except that Leos are apparently not so mean, Scorpio has the distinction of being both evil and cool, Libra is charming and fake, Virgo and Aquarius are weird, and Capricorn and Taurus are the boring ones.

This was fun. Remember, the opinions expressed here are those of Google querents and not those of the writer. :)

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  • hello posted: 25 Jun at 6:23 pm

    This is so amazing! What a great idea. I just found your blog while looking up General Stanley McChrystal (sp?). Really great posts. Hope you can write more.

  • S.A. Hopkins posted: 26 Jun at 6:28 am

    Thank you! I appreciate that